A Walter Mitty story

The story of Walter Mitty is captivating. The mundane life of a quiet middle aged man being transformed in to a true adventure. Has anyone thought of what would have happened to poor Walter if this adventure has not fallen in to his lap? Has anyone thought about what Walter was like to talk to? What are the downsides to trying to be friends with a person who only lives in their own fantasy?

Unfortunately I have had to experience this. I am friends with a compulsive liar. I met this girl when i was young, when everyone said that she would grow out of her silly lies. Long story short….. she did not grow out of it. Her lies evolved and grew. They warped in to the defining part of her personality. They became her whole person. She didn’t know how to talk without exaggerating every detail and slipping in to her magical fairy land.

For so long I have ignored these flaws, recognizing the sweet and self conscious girl that lay under these layers of lies. Other people have not had such luck, leaving the girl in a lonely school environment. Anyone else would have changed their ways and made an effort to adjust their terms of phrase. She did not. It got worse. Then it got worse again.

When is it too late to pull a Walter Mitty out of their fantasy? Will they every realize that it is effecting them and everything they do and learn to change?


Finally Finished

This week has been unusual. The all consuming subject on my mind has not been school. Crazy I know! Last week I officially finished, forever. Never again will I have to worry about state exams or mandatory subjects restricting me.

The only thing on my mind right now is relaxing. I drink in the sun which surprisingly hasn’t stopped since I left school. It feels like the entire world is celebrating my freedom with me.

Tricks and Tips

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I sit in the dismal classroom, the flickering yellow lights illuminate our drawn faces. Even the sun shy’s away from this bleak scene. The teacher sits at the top of the room, aloft on their podium of knowledge and superiority. They recite the list of topics we should know, each of us listening and retreating further and further from the reality of the situation as we come to terms with the work we have not done. She shows us the tips and tricks. She squints her eyes and taps the board to illustrate whatever point she is trying to make. The tips and tricks won’t work any more. We already know it’s too late.



Tucked Away In My Little Bubble

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I may have mentioned once or twice that I in 82 days I will be sitting my state exams. Everyone places the emphasis on these exams that they will define my life. They say that my getting in to these colleges will define the prosperity or lack of in my future.

Although for some people it is easy to say that they are just exams, they are all I know. We are not given the option of what to do without college. When I volunteered the idea to my friends and family that I would defer for a year and travel I was met by a wall. It wasn’t an option. It forces me to wonder about all the other things. We are all incubated in this little bubble. A bubble that will pop. How do I prepare myself for when it does?

How do you know that this path; college, career, marriage, kids is the right one? Everyone does it and I know that just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s right but what’s the alternative? You can look at the 1960’s and say the alternative to that path was becoming a hippie. The complete rejection of societies values. What is our modern day hippies? How do you decide if you want to stay in your bubble?



Another Day Older And None The Wiser

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As we get older the question becomes inevitable. How long do we have left? Is this going to be the last time I get to travel? How long do I have left with my kids? The unknown becomes a frightening cumulus cloud, hovering ominously on the sideline of our lives. teachers of poetry and English seem to have an in depth insight in to what we should do with the time that is left. I have found that they, more than most other professionals have an acute awareness of the fragility of existence. They take the time to appreciate the world around them, savor the time with their family and friends whilst also continuing through life in a normal fashion. There is no point in contemplating every moment of life with a sincere gratitude. That isn’t natural. With every wrinkle that grows, a reminder that we are on a stopwatch, take a moment. Whether it’s a simple gesture of kindness towards a family member or leaving work early to go home and relax. Take in the world around you, appreciate what you have and once in a while just enjoy yourself!!







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The Elite are an exceptional group of people. The question is what makes them exceptional? What makes them different from the rest of us? Is it luck or maybe circumstance or maybe its purely down to the position they were born in to.

Cambridge and Oxford take in the elite, the best of the best. Most of the UK conservative prime ministers studied in one od these two prestigious universities. Did this predisposition allow them the path to greatness or were they born to do this?

Higher Power 

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/coincidence/ https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/coincidence/

In a Hopkins poem I had to study in school the class was forced to wonder this question, are there such things as coincidences? Does a mighty God control our actions, making anything and everything a coincidence. Is there no higher power? No God? What happens to us is the surfeit of our own faults. 

I think the second option is a lot scarier. The thought that we are all alone in the world and we will always have to take full responsibility for our own actions because coincidence exists. 

In King Lear Edmund said” often we blame the sun, the moon and the stars”. This line has stuck with me because he perfectly captures how humans try and blame their own actions on the higher powers. Unfortunately for they it’s all down to coincidence. 

The Battle Against Your Mind

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If I could use one word that wouldn’t currently describe me is focused. I need to be focused. When I stare around my study hall at the other 200 students all I see are reasons not to put my head back down. The window might remind me that I need to clean my own windows when I’m home, which would lead to an entire thought process on how my windows always let loads of drafts in and I should suggest new windows. This goes on and on till I suspect someone has noticed my fickle focus and i jolt my head back down towards the page.

Sometimes it is easy, you are in the mood, you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, it is great. Sometimes keeping focused is more painful than standing on hot coals. Your eyes burn and you just can’t help your head nodding when you accidentally doze off.

Focus is something I want to achieve. Something I don’t think will be easy but something I am willing to work for because without focus you can’t succeed.