Another rant about Trump

If I have learnt anything from this election it’s that no one in their right mind should ever run for president of the USA. Why would anyone sane subject themselves to this kind of public abuse? You have people like Donald Trump who obviously enjoy being the centre of attention whether the press is bad or good. In trumps case it was all bad! You could say that any press is good press but when he loses this election and all he has is a permanent history of his malicious, vain and vindictive character I have to say that press is not a good thing.

Trump is out-dated. None of the presidential candidates were exactly young but trumps age wasn’t in his years, it was in his ideas. These theories of class and discrimination weren’t just horrifying but they were old news. We have heard all of this before. Trump isn’t the first loud, angry man to abuse his power and he won’t be the last. Unfortunately history is littered with these bullies, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Trump has a lot in common with these characters, I hope that one thing they won’t have in common is that they gained power and trump should remain a cheating coward for the rest of his miserable days.

Hilary is the lesser of two evils. Unlike trump she doesn’t gain support by shouting nationalistic propaganda everywhere she goes but outlines her policies and explains them in a way that would appeal to any sensible person. Her experience gives her an edge on her running mate so why hasn’t she used it?!? With her years of political work Hilary should have been able to appeal to public opinion easily and she should not have been stuck in a race with someone as juvenile and ignorant as Donald trump! Hilary and her style isn’t for everyone but with a sleazy man like trump, who openly brags about sexually assaulting women and plans to “build a wall” and make another country pay for it, she should have been much further ahead in the polls than we now see her.

Many would criticize my harsh judgement of America’s two potential presidents. I would go on to criticize how they let these two individuals become the potential president of the USA. This election isn’t for everyone. This point is clear since these individuals are voting for trump. Its t times like this that we should really appreciate the people leading our country. Sure not all of them are doing their job great but they have good intentions. They treat us all equally. If you are one of the people currently writing all those angry newspaper articles about our government, just stop and take a minute to think. At least you’re not in America.


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