Bringing politics home

This is the excerpt for the post you’re reading right now.


For someone who is writing this to criticise politicians and their practise I myself am part of a political party and have been a constant and unwavering believer in the party and their policies for quite some time now. This was true until the other day. At my parties annual conference the sudden and startling truth struck me like a bolt of lightning. They are fakes. I know you are thinking how can she not already know this? How is she this stupid? What people have to realise is a political party to me is a football team to you or your favourite band, or it was. It’s not that I’m obsessed with politics, I’m actually not a very active member in my branch but the unwavering belief in the party replicated the adoration some people hold for their bands and football teams.

That’s why it took me by surprise when the truth finally hit. It was all a lie. A show, a decorative façade designed to fool me into believing. They had no points, no answers, this was the start. The smiles and flashes of the camera could no longer fool me. The curtain had closed and the show was over.  This isn’t to say that I don’t still support my party of choice and will not show my continued support for years to come but how can I sell these ideas to other people, how can I tell them the answers when I don’t know them myself? Can I be an actor in this show?

Even the other party members couldn’t believe that I had held the party in such high esteem. They all saw through the lies and continued to follow them. They played their part in the show, pawns in the political conspiracy controlled by the puppet master, the custodian of our country.

We the people need to keep searching. We need to search for something even rarer than a Pikachu on Pokémon go. We need to search for a politician of truth. We need to find someone that has our best interests at heart. Someone that doesn’t try to distract us with statistics and fancy words. Someone that follows through with their plans. Not a dictator, not a fanatic, a human being. A human being that will save us, a modern day messiah.

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