Reality Hits

This is the excerpt for your second post.


Finally I have been proven right. Trumps malign intents have been exposed. His duplicitous character has been revealed. His policies have been uncovered as the malleable machinations that they really are. The world has been proven to be a credulous place where animosity thrives in a new schism created by this presidential election. We the people have lost our nous. We no longer contain the common sense not to elect a man known as a sexual predator and denier of human rights simply because we want to “make a change”. Well we have made a change alright. The economy is already failing and he hasn’t even implemented any policies yet.

Foreign embassies are in turmoil. Their loquacious speeches have gotten us nowhere and we are currently floundering in the result of our own idiocy. The Victoriana ideals that embody sexism, racism and borderline fascism have been embedded into the foundation of American society.

In these articles it has occurred to me that not only am I repeating myself but I am also regurgitating the opinions of the press, social media and many other angered organisations around the world. So let’s start on something new. Let’s start on what I think. Not what I hear, not what I see but what I think.

The world has made a grave mistake. Like when brexit occurred I am outraged at the stupidity of the population of a country that shares so many of the same values as my own.



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