The answer to all our questions?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


On this day, the ninth of November 2016, Donald Trump has become president elect of the United States of America. It seems that no amount of reason or ridicule could convince the American nation that this particular man should not be in charge of the largest super power in the world. The people chose. They chose wrong.

This morning as I dragged myself to school I was suddenly jolted awake as the entire world was turned upside down, with one phone call of concede, Donald trump became the most powerful man in the world. My fellow passengers and I were joined in applause of conversation. The reactions were mixed as they always are, there were some outraged murmurs and unfortunately some excited whispering which was quickly silenced when the speakers saw the general consensus of the news, grave disappointment and dread.

The overall opinion of the shocking news was what are we going to do now? To this minute there has been no shocking news, no nuclear bombs and no world was three… yet. We all underestimated him. When he ran for president no one thought he would get so much as a nomination. As we slowly began to see the ominous danger that is Donald trump, it was already too late. The damage was done. He had hooked his claws into the USA and was breeding a support base of uneducated minions that would vote for him without question or logic.

I was reminded by my history teacher that we have a tendency to underestimate the men that turn into the evil dictators and despicable tyrants of the world. Will trump be next? Have we opened the door and allowed a monster to invade us? Will he be a king Kong, destructive and bloodthirsty or is he more of a hulk, a bully on the outside but have good intentions and acts for the good of the people? Only time will tell.

A new chapter has opened in history and this time the world has to be ready for the consequences of letting a megalomaniac have this much power!




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