Panoply- The people’s armour

via Daily Prompt: Panoply

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I have never heard of this word before. When I first saw it I felt like a child seeing something for the first time, confused and dazed. A quick session of googling fixed this. It means a complete armour, a protective layer.

My first thought, why haven’t I heard of this word when it describes every single person. How have we dismissed a word that takes part in our daily lives. This isn’t to say that we all walk around every day covered from head to toe in suits of clunky, heavy metal. I mean a different sort of armour. I am talking about the armour that we put around our minds, around our lives.

Think about it, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep you are subconsciously covering your mind  in this protective layer, this armour. We walk past the millions of homeless people on our way to work, this should provoke immense sympathy shouldn’t it? It doesn’t, our armours protect us from this, they make sure that when we see that man sitting on the roadside with nothing to eat or drink, shivering from the biting cold, and we keep walking. That we look away and distract ourselves with our trivial daily business.

When we walk by these people we are ignoring them, we are ignoring their problems, their feelings and the most horrifying part is that we don’t care. There will always be another excuse that we make ourselves to pass this man or woman. You are late for work, you don’t have any change handy right now. Well it’s coming up to Christmas and we need to make a change. Let’s stop with the excuses, lets stop with the avoid-ism and lets help these people.

We can whine about how little work the government is doing for these homeless people pf the world but our governments are made up of the people. It’s time that the people do something as well. I have a challenger for you. Next time you pass a man or woman on the street but nothing but their thoughts to keep them company, stop. Stop and give them something. This gesture that may mean so little to you means a world to them. This is my appeal to you, the people. Let’s change the world one person at a time.

This Christmas lets break the norm, lets break our panoplys and help those in need.


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