The Sisterhood of Women

In 1792 feminism as we know it today was born. The ideas of Olympe de Gouges inspired the start of the female fight for equal rights. This idea was quickly killed by the powerful men at the time, literally. A year after she published her work on equal rights for women in society Olympe was sent to the guillotine for treason against the state.

Feminism didn’t reveal itself again till the early 1900’s in Britain. The suffragettes put their cause forward and women were all the better for it. It only took a decade or so but women now had the right to vote. Problem solved right? You would think. We are a race of intelligent people and are somehow still making excuses not to make men and women equal.

Feminism has taken on a life of its own. I agree completely for equal rights for men and women but feminism has become such a violent and threatening force that some women think themselves above men, we call them the femanazis. This is not what we want. This is no longer the cause that women like Emily Pankhurst fought for.To gain gender equality all races of people need to realise this, no gender is above another

This topic has been discussed on more forums and in more debates than I can count. I understand the points, I hear the other sides arguments, I just know they are wrong. The excuses don’t take away from the fact that you are suppressing an entire race of people.

In my own version of this debate a boy piped up to say that how could women expect to get equal pay when they didn’t work half as hard as men and were always getting pregnant. I had to remind this boy that this laziness that he was referring to allowed his own mother to give birth to him. Have men really become so pompous that they can wholeheartedly deny women equal pay because “they keep getting pregnant”, more like keeping the human species alive.

Will there be another feminist revolution? Will women forever be unappreciated and victimised? Only time will tell, hopefully time says yes!



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