The Sport of Wondering

via Daily Prompt: Missing

Missing, it implies that there is something that we are without. How can anything be missing when everything is a click away. With or without money and resources you can find whatever you want wherever you want, the beauty of the modern age.

As a millennium I have been brought up in this world, these new trends are my habits and these unusual movements are my traditions. Are the children of this revolution missing out. When we have whatever we want at our fingertips constantly are we being denied the opportunity to gain happiness?

In relying on these gadgets and toys we are missing something essential. We are missing meaning. You can’t catch a young teenager sitting in the park during the day, without a care in the world contemplating their thoughts and trying to make sense of this mess we call life. We no longer have time, when your life is run from minute to minute there is no time for these precious moments. Finding the meaning of life has become a myth like Hercules and Zeus. It’s an ideal that is so bizarre to us we no longer feel able to attain it.

The meaning of life has always been hard to achieve. It is different now because no one wants to achieve it. Life is measured in success and money not in happiness and fulfillment.

So I ask when your life is measured with gold and gadgets can we ever really be fulfilled or are we drifting through life waiting to get our next pay check?


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