Enthusiasm Despite Terror

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

It is days away from our favourite holiday, Christmas. A time of the year when we all Roget the wars, prejudices and hatred. It is the holiday of joy and love. Correction it was.

On Monday a truck drove from the Polish border, drove into a market place in Berlin and drove the truck into the crowded shopping area. 9 people were killed instantly including the driver. It seems that some people do not share our Christmas cheer, at all. The murderers have not been found yet and the authorities continue to search for the grinches who stole Christmas along with 9 lives.

9 families now will not share in our Christmas. 9 people will not see the lights on the high street. 9 lives will be remembered by all.

When we are sitting in our houses by the warm fire or radiator drinking our hot chocolate in a really cute onsie, remember. remember the 9 and the lives that were lost in this Christmas massacre. This loss of life should make Christmas even more special. When you reunite with your mum, dad, aunty, uncle or cousins keep in mind that not everyone could be with their families this year.

On that depressing note I would just like to end by saying enjoy your Christmas and don’t let this event kill your enthusiasm let it just be a reminder to appreciate what you have while you still have it.



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