Swarm.A Break or a Sentence?

via Daily Prompt: Swarm


Swarm. The world regards being swarmed negatively. It is to move about, along, forth, etc., in great numbers, as things or persons. As you can see i needed a dictionary to find this out. I needed a laptop to tell you this. I need my phone to talk to my friends and an Ipod to keep me entertained.

When I was younger I didn’t need this. We were all so easily entertained. I am not claiming to be part of a generation when technology was non-existent. I am claiming to be from a generation obsessed with technology. Yet there still managed to be a time when i was content making mud pies in the garden. Filling the glass jar with mud, grass and rocks kept me and my siblings amused for hours on end. Breaks from this were taken sparsely only for necessities like bathroom breaks and the occasional food break. I can say with absolute certainty that you can not catch any of us making mud pies any more.

Is it that we got older and grew out of these childish games or have we become out of touch with nature and our adventurous side. Mud pies may not seem like an adventure but when you dig your small hands into the damp soil without hesitation, grappling at the earth to find the right ingredients for your wonderful creation it can be quite the exploit for a young child. Although my family have managed to keep us in touch with nature through hikes and holidays spent kayaking and skiing. This is more for their love of sport and an adrenaline rush than the adoration of the natural world.

My brother, sister and I no longer spend long afternoons in the garden dreading the moment that my mum would call us back in. Instead we sit at our desks, in front of our screens, hunched over our books. We have stopped running through life, leaping from day to day. We now click and like our way through the weeks and days. Counting days by how close they are to our exams and school is an endless struggle of tests and essays.

Have we become part of the swarm? Have we forgotten what is important, running free and enjoying life, to condemn ourselves to a life chained to a desk or have we taken a temporary break from our youthful existence to prepare ourselves for better adventures to come?


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