Getting an A in being Nervous

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

As a child I was nervous about things like what would my barbie wear into school? How did i do on my spelling test? My worries haven’t evolved much despite ten years of experiences, new friends and even new family. Now that spelling test is my leaving cert. It’s just another test. Another exam that will unnecessarily determine the rest of my life. One set of exams and if I fail, what happens? The answer is I repeat them until I do well.

That’s how much we rely on exams. Without taking into account that some peoples minds don’t work like that. One person might love learning off and repeating paragraphs of work where as their neighbor loves to paint and express themselves through art. Neither is right. Only one will succeed in our school system. Only one is given the opportunity to win. To get the best results.

How is it fair that we put these children through such pain because their brains don’t work in the same way that everyone else’s does. In an ideal world when they give us that test at the start of the year to find out how we study, you know the one with useless questions like which is your favorite subject? and do you remember something if it is written or if you hear it? These questions are asked and then discarded. A student may be able to set their individual study in a way that they can learn easily but this is at a great extra cost. Every note given to you by a teacher must be converted to your own way of understanding. As your notes increase so does your workload, by a million.

These children that do’t understand or work in the certain way that our limiting school system wants them to are branded as dumb and stupid. This label sticks, they may have been an amazing surgeon but we will never know because they found history too hard and failed it, not getting enough points for medicine.

Don’t let people choose and endless stream of nervousness instead of finding a way to help them. When schools do that test, take action.


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