The Fantasy of Gray

via Daily Prompt: Gray

I don’t know about you but when I see Gray all I can think of is the world famous series, Fifty Shades of Grey. I am not about to start writing all about how I loved this series, in all honesty I have never watched the movies or read the books but I have heard enough about it that I feel I have!

This series is the ultimate fantasy vs reality. Something that many people would shrink from the idea of is glorified in a movie and suddenly becomes a regular topic of conversation in every coffee shop and work place in the country. It took the world by storm, for some reason. What is so great about this fantasy? The shy girl seduced by the rich, sexy man is a classic but that’s not what happened. The shy girl that obviously has self esteem issues is seduced by the psychopathic, OCD millionaire that tries to pressure her into things she doesn’t want to do.

By glorifying these sort of books are we creating an alternate universe for our darkest thoughts and deepest secrets or are we creating a species of males that now think by stalking and objectifying lonely women with low self esteem  that they can force them to do things that they are not comfortable with. This is the fantasy vs reality question. When do we have to put our foot down? When does it need to stay in the books and films? When does it need to stay an unobtainable fantasy?


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