Zip Zip Zip Go All Of My Seconds

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Zip zip zip. Time zips by, zip zip zip. I know many people might think I am too young to comment on the passing of time since I hope that I have plenty of time left. It has just begun to occur to me how fleeting it is.

Only yesterday I was sitting by by mother’s side whilst she held my new baby sister, then starting my first day of school, then along came my cousins one by one each a welcome addition to my small family. My brother came last and if I close my eyes I can still feel his little hands closing around my thumb as I had my first anxious meeting with him. He was so small and wrinkled, my young mind couldn’t comprehend how this little ball of skin could even be a real person, he was so small. 8 years later he is very much a person. Evolved from his chubby beginning to become a star athlete and overall amazing guy but how did my little baby become a boy. How did my little sister and I so quickly grow out of our princess dresses and into the slinky party dresses that we now went out in.

With the thought of college looming over me I can’t help but wonder will I wake up one day and find that I have blinked and my whole life is over. The thought of waking up old and tired scares me. I am in the prime of my youth with a world of possibilities, what if I make the wrong one? As Robert Frost said “two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled”, did it really make all the difference?

Your thoughts? Does life end as quickly as it has started. Is birth the beginning of life or the beginning of death?


2 thoughts on “Zip Zip Zip Go All Of My Seconds

  1. Both. The beginning of life and of death. And, yes, you’ll wake up one day and find your life was a snap of the fingers. I’m 65. Someone once told me that I look backwards too much. But that’s where the action was. Companies used to call me to work for them, girls looked at me and smiled, I could eat like a bear and not gain an ounce. Muscles responded, brain was sharp and quick. Looking forward is the complete opposite of all that. People will tell you that old age is wisdom, slowed meditative pace. Hmm..?? 20/20 hindsight does help, but it also creates regret. “Youth is wasted on the young.” George Bernard Shaw “Old age is not for sissies” Me

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  2. “Youth is wasted on the young”, that is definitely true. Although I’m still young I don’t think I will ever really appreciate this time until it’s too late but hopefully I can try !!


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