Nothing is Forever

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

Temporary. Everything is temporary. When you see a tree blowing softly in the summer breeze outside your window today just think, one day that will be gone. One day that tree will be ground to mulch or destroyed to feed our insatiable hunger for paper. It will be replaced by something else. Maybe a new healthier tree that has no idea the fate it is doomed to or maybe a clump of weeds.

When the tree is replaced by weeds you know it’s bad. The weeds represent the end of an era. The end of the tree as they prevent it from growing back. They take up valuable water and sunlight and will continue to spread rapidly and vastly until one day you look outside that same window and it is no longer a gentle tree blowing in the breeze but a thorny, unwelcoming and never ending forest of unwanted vegetation.

This is like us, some of us are replaced by our children, younger and healthier versions of ourselves. In other aspects of life like politics, the weeds are advancing, slowly emerging their ugly heads out of the ground. Macron showed us in the French election that their is still a chance to prune the garden but some weeds (Trump) are getting angry. Let’s not allowe weeds in our garden!


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