The Battle Against Your Mind

via Daily Prompt: Focused

If I could use one word that wouldn’t currently describe me is focused. I need to be focused. When I stare around my study hall at the other 200 students all I see are reasons not to put my head back down. The window might remind me that I need to clean my own windows when I’m home, which would lead to an entire thought process on how my windows always let loads of drafts in and I should suggest new windows. This goes on and on till I suspect someone has noticed my fickle focus and i jolt my head back down towards the page.

Sometimes it is easy, you are in the mood, you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, it is great. Sometimes keeping focused is more painful than standing on hot coals. Your eyes burn and you just can’t help your head nodding when you accidentally doze off.

Focus is something I want to achieve. Something I don’t think will be easy but something I am willing to work for because without focus you can’t succeed.


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