Eaten Up Inside

via Prompt: Edible

When you were a teen did you ever feel like you were being eaten up inside. That the stress and intensity of every day life was too much. It all pressed against you and since you were not strong enough it starts to devour you.

You don’t notice it at first, you can say that everything is ok but it’s not. Soon you will be all eaten up.


via Daily Prompt: Sunny    

I know this title is kind of cliche considering the word prompt is sunny but rainy kind of describes how my summer is going.

Living in Ireland you really can’t expect Mediterranean weather or any kind of heat to be honest but we are quite content with out 15 degrees and the meek sun that peaks through the heavy clouds satisfies us as a good summer.

Unfortunately my summer began a month ago and I have had 4 days of sun so far. There have been a few days of grey cloudiness but only 4 days that I would truly count as summer weather.

The summer has not had a good start but as a good Irish person I will ignore the weather and get on with it. Wish me luck!

To Pursue or Not to Pursue

DSC_1186 (2)via Daily Prompt: Pursue

When Robert Frost said “two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled” as a student I would like to think that he was referring to his decision to become a poet. Poetry tends to be an unpredictable and difficult career to succeed in.

How do you know when to pursue a dream? When do you know to stop and let reality in? Is there ever a point where you should do this?

Nothing is Forever

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

Temporary. Everything is temporary. When you see a tree blowing softly in the summer breeze outside your window today just think, one day that will be gone. One day that tree will be ground to mulch or destroyed to feed our insatiable hunger for paper. It will be replaced by something else. Maybe a new healthier tree that has no idea the fate it is doomed to or maybe a clump of weeds.

When the tree is replaced by weeds you know it’s bad. The weeds represent the end of an era. The end of the tree as they prevent it from growing back. They take up valuable water and sunlight and will continue to spread rapidly and vastly until one day you look outside that same window and it is no longer a gentle tree blowing in the breeze but a thorny, unwelcoming and never ending forest of unwanted vegetation.

This is like us, some of us are replaced by our children, younger and healthier versions of ourselves. In other aspects of life like politics, the weeds are advancing, slowly emerging their ugly heads out of the ground. Macron showed us in the French election that their is still a chance to prune the garden but some weeds (Trump) are getting angry. Let’s not allowe weeds in our garden!

The Fantasy of Gray

via Daily Prompt: Gray

I don’t know about you but when I see Gray all I can think of is the world famous series, Fifty Shades of Grey. I am not about to start writing all about how I loved this series, in all honesty I have never watched the movies or read the books but I have heard enough about it that I feel I have!

This series is the ultimate fantasy vs reality. Something that many people would shrink from the idea of is glorified in a movie and suddenly becomes a regular topic of conversation in every coffee shop and work place in the country. It took the world by storm, for some reason. What is so great about this fantasy? The shy girl seduced by the rich, sexy man is a classic but that’s not what happened. The shy girl that obviously has self esteem issues is seduced by the psychopathic, OCD millionaire that tries to pressure her into things she doesn’t want to do.

By glorifying these sort of books are we creating an alternate universe for our darkest thoughts and deepest secrets or are we creating a species of males that now think by stalking and objectifying lonely women with low self esteem  that they can force them to do things that they are not comfortable with. This is the fantasy vs reality question. When do we have to put our foot down? When does it need to stay in the books and films? When does it need to stay an unobtainable fantasy?

Zip Zip Zip Go All Of My Seconds

via Daily Prompt: Zip

Zip zip zip. Time zips by, zip zip zip. I know many people might think I am too young to comment on the passing of time since I hope that I have plenty of time left. It has just begun to occur to me how fleeting it is.

Only yesterday I was sitting by by mother’s side whilst she held my new baby sister, then starting my first day of school, then along came my cousins one by one each a welcome addition to my small family. My brother came last and if I close my eyes I can still feel his little hands closing around my thumb as I had my first anxious meeting with him. He was so small and wrinkled, my young mind couldn’t comprehend how this little ball of skin could even be a real person, he was so small. 8 years later he is very much a person. Evolved from his chubby beginning to become a star athlete and overall amazing guy but how did my little baby become a boy. How did my little sister and I so quickly grow out of our princess dresses and into the slinky party dresses that we now went out in.

With the thought of college looming over me I can’t help but wonder will I wake up one day and find that I have blinked and my whole life is over. The thought of waking up old and tired scares me. I am in the prime of my youth with a world of possibilities, what if I make the wrong one? As Robert Frost said “two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled”, did it really make all the difference?

Your thoughts? Does life end as quickly as it has started. Is birth the beginning of life or the beginning of death?

Getting an A in being Nervous

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

As a child I was nervous about things like what would my barbie wear into school? How did i do on my spelling test? My worries haven’t evolved much despite ten years of experiences, new friends and even new family. Now that spelling test is my leaving cert. It’s just another test. Another exam that will unnecessarily determine the rest of my life. One set of exams and if I fail, what happens? The answer is I repeat them until I do well.

That’s how much we rely on exams. Without taking into account that some peoples minds don’t work like that. One person might love learning off and repeating paragraphs of work where as their neighbor loves to paint and express themselves through art. Neither is right. Only one will succeed in our school system. Only one is given the opportunity to win. To get the best results.

How is it fair that we put these children through such pain because their brains don’t work in the same way that everyone else’s does. In an ideal world when they give us that test at the start of the year to find out how we study, you know the one with useless questions like which is your favorite subject? and do you remember something if it is written or if you hear it? These questions are asked and then discarded. A student may be able to set their individual study in a way that they can learn easily but this is at a great extra cost. Every note given to you by a teacher must be converted to your own way of understanding. As your notes increase so does your workload, by a million.

These children that do’t understand or work in the certain way that our limiting school system wants them to are branded as dumb and stupid. This label sticks, they may have been an amazing surgeon but we will never know because they found history too hard and failed it, not getting enough points for medicine.

Don’t let people choose and endless stream of nervousness instead of finding a way to help them. When schools do that test, take action.