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The Elite are an exceptional group of people. The question is what makes them exceptional? What makes them different from the rest of us? Is it luck or maybe circumstance or maybe its purely down to the position they were born in to.

Cambridge and Oxford take in the elite, the best of the best. Most of the UK conservative prime ministers studied in one od these two prestigious universities. Did this predisposition allow them the path to greatness or were they born to do this?


Higher Power 

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In a Hopkins poem I had to study in school the class was forced to wonder this question, are there such things as coincidences? Does a mighty God control our actions, making anything and everything a coincidence. Is there no higher power? No God? What happens to us is the surfeit of our own faults. 

I think the second option is a lot scarier. The thought that we are all alone in the world and we will always have to take full responsibility for our own actions because coincidence exists. 

In King Lear Edmund said” often we blame the sun, the moon and the stars”. This line has stuck with me because he perfectly captures how humans try and blame their own actions on the higher powers. Unfortunately for they it’s all down to coincidence. 

The Battle Against Your Mind

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If I could use one word that wouldn’t currently describe me is focused. I need to be focused. When I stare around my study hall at the other 200 students all I see are reasons not to put my head back down. The window might remind me that I need to clean my own windows when I’m home, which would lead to an entire thought process on how my windows always let loads of drafts in and I should suggest new windows. This goes on and on till I suspect someone has noticed my fickle focus and i jolt my head back down towards the page.

Sometimes it is easy, you are in the mood, you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, it is great. Sometimes keeping focused is more painful than standing on hot coals. Your eyes burn and you just can’t help your head nodding when you accidentally doze off.

Focus is something I want to achieve. Something I don’t think will be easy but something I am willing to work for because without focus you can’t succeed.

The Wave in to Europe

Hey guys, I am trying out writing in the form of a debate. Here’s a part of a piece where  I am dealing with the issue of migration and would really really appreciate any comments you could all give me on my writing and how I could improve!!


Crowds of people throng near the entrance to camp. Thousands of them, hungry and sick. Nobody cares. We have quickly got used to the idea that people must endure these atrocities daily and just like if you watch a horror movie repeatedly, the scary and haunting images begin to look mundane. As if the scene of an orphaned, sick, famished child is anything like normal! As if we shouldn’t worry about that sort of thing because the politicians have got it under control.

This is the first point I would like to address. For some reason, we seem to think that this massive wave of migration in to Europe is just the governments problem. It is societies problem not just the governments. When you see the front of the Irish times reading “Brexit” or “President Trump” that is society failing. That is society neglecting itself. That is society letting itself get brainwashed by people who stand for hatred. When you go into a voting booth and choose to leave the European union because you are afraid of losing your job to a foreigner all I can say to you is, you obviously aren’t doing your job very well. I understand patriotism, the belief that your nation exceeds the limits of any other but in Britain’s’ case this has gone too far. They seem to believe that they are better off without the support of the EU but worse than that they don’t care at all for the countries that they are leaving behind. Ireland never would have been relieved from an economic recession without the help of the EU. So many countries rely on free trade with Britain, mainly Ireland, and have been greatly let down by the attitude of the British people and the belief that we are better off without each other which can be crushed if you look at literally any intelligent newspaper. To clarify I mean newspaper and not some tabloid that claims that Leo Vradkar is an alien and the government are all going to kill us.


274 Days Left

As the reality of the situation begins to set in the atmosphere from classroom to classroom begins to change. The once enthusiastic class now sinks into a routine of boredom and stress.

The cherry smiles from the grinning faces have been replaced by serious and troubled demeanor’s . Those youthful faces getting their first wrinkles.

275 Days Left

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Some call it the leaving cert, some call it the a-levels and I think it’s the equivalent of SATs. It takes over your life. The time that we should be outside playing, running and laughing is taken up inside watching the world through a window. Brief glimpses of the world are caught in study breaks.

I am currently in my third day of this hell year. One might say that I should be ready and full of life, I have been on summer break for three months, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Life goes in a day from revolving around seeing your freinds and enjoying yourself to each minute from 8:30 until 6 being on a timetable.

I think the worst part of the school is the work outside the timetable. The constant pressure that society puts you under to be working 24-7. It’s something that according to my teachers must be on my mind at all times. My sport, my friends are just distractions to this exam. This exam that determines what I do in college, what I do for the rest of my life.

I don’t appreciate the people that say stuff to you like “the leaving cert doesn’t matter at all” not because i doubt their sincerity but because it is always followed with tips on studying or the story of how they did so well. The worst comment has to be “everything will work out in the end”. It has to be the worst thing you could ever say to a panicking student who has been drilled to rely on getting in to college to succeed in life. To this student all they hear is “good luck”.

Eaten Up Inside

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When you were a teen did you ever feel like you were being eaten up inside. That the stress and intensity of every day life was too much. It all pressed against you and since you were not strong enough it starts to devour you.

You don’t notice it at first, you can say that everything is ok but it’s not. Soon you will be all eaten up.





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I know this title is kind of cliche considering the word prompt is sunny but rainy kind of describes how my summer is going.

Living in Ireland you really can’t expect Mediterranean weather or any kind of heat to be honest but we are quite content with out 15 degrees and the meek sun that peaks through the heavy clouds satisfies us as a good summer.

Unfortunately my summer began a month ago and I have had 4 days of sun so far. There have been a few days of grey cloudiness but only 4 days that I would truly count as summer weather.

The summer has not had a good start but as a good Irish person I will ignore the weather and get on with it. Wish me luck!

To Pursue or Not to Pursue

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When Robert Frost said “two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled” as a student I would like to think that he was referring to his decision to become a poet. Poetry tends to be an unpredictable and difficult career to succeed in.

How do you know when to pursue a dream? When do you know to stop and let reality in? Is there ever a point where you should do this?