Enthusiasm Despite Terror

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It is days away from our favourite holiday, Christmas. A time of the year when we all Roget the wars, prejudices and hatred. It is the holiday of joy and love. Correction it was.

On Monday a truck drove from the Polish border, drove into a market place in Berlin and drove the truck into the crowded shopping area. 9 people were killed instantly including the driver. It seems that some people do not share our Christmas cheer, at all. The murderers have not been found yet and the authorities continue to search for the grinches who stole Christmas along with 9 lives.

9 families now will not share in our Christmas. 9 people will not see the lights on the high street. 9 lives will be remembered by all.

When we are sitting in our houses by the warm fire or radiator drinking our hot chocolate in a really cute onsie, remember. remember the 9 and the lives that were lost in this Christmas massacre. This loss of life should make Christmas even more special. When you reunite with your mum, dad, aunty, uncle or cousins keep in mind that not everyone could be with their families this year.

On that depressing note I would just like to end by saying enjoy your Christmas and don’t let this event kill your enthusiasm let it just be a reminder to appreciate what you have while you still have it.


The Sport of Wondering

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Missing, it implies that there is something that we are without. How can anything be missing when everything is a click away. With or without money and resources you can find whatever you want wherever you want, the beauty of the modern age.

As a millennium I have been brought up in this world, these new trends are my habits and these unusual movements are my traditions. Are the children of this revolution missing out. When we have whatever we want at our fingertips constantly are we being denied the opportunity to gain happiness?

In relying on these gadgets and toys we are missing something essential. We are missing meaning. You can’t catch a young teenager sitting in the park during the day, without a care in the world contemplating their thoughts and trying to make sense of this mess we call life. We no longer have time, when your life is run from minute to minute there is no time for these precious moments. Finding the meaning of life has become a myth like Hercules and Zeus. It’s an ideal that is so bizarre to us we no longer feel able to attain it.

The meaning of life has always been hard to achieve. It is different now because no one wants to achieve it. Life is measured in success and money not in happiness and fulfillment.

So I ask when your life is measured with gold and gadgets can we ever really be fulfilled or are we drifting through life waiting to get our next pay check?

The Sisterhood of Women

In 1792 feminism as we know it today was born. The ideas of Olympe de Gouges inspired the start of the female fight for equal rights. This idea was quickly killed by the powerful men at the time, literally. A year after she published her work on equal rights for women in society Olympe was sent to the guillotine for treason against the state.

Feminism didn’t reveal itself again till the early 1900’s in Britain. The suffragettes put their cause forward and women were all the better for it. It only took a decade or so but women now had the right to vote. Problem solved right? You would think. We are a race of intelligent people and are somehow still making excuses not to make men and women equal.

Feminism has taken on a life of its own. I agree completely for equal rights for men and women but feminism has become such a violent and threatening force that some women think themselves above men, we call them the femanazis. This is not what we want. This is no longer the cause that women like Emily Pankhurst fought for.To gain gender equality all races of people need to realise this, no gender is above another

This topic has been discussed on more forums and in more debates than I can count. I understand the points, I hear the other sides arguments, I just know they are wrong. The excuses don’t take away from the fact that you are suppressing an entire race of people.

In my own version of this debate a boy piped up to say that how could women expect to get equal pay when they didn’t work half as hard as men and were always getting pregnant. I had to remind this boy that this laziness that he was referring to allowed his own mother to give birth to him. Have men really become so pompous that they can wholeheartedly deny women equal pay because “they keep getting pregnant”, more like keeping the human species alive.

Will there be another feminist revolution? Will women forever be unappreciated and victimised? Only time will tell, hopefully time says yes!


Panoply- The people’s armour

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I have never heard of this word before. When I first saw it I felt like a child seeing something for the first time, confused and dazed. A quick session of googling fixed this. It means a complete armour, a protective layer.

My first thought, why haven’t I heard of this word when it describes every single person. How have we dismissed a word that takes part in our daily lives. This isn’t to say that we all walk around every day covered from head to toe in suits of clunky, heavy metal. I mean a different sort of armour. I am talking about the armour that we put around our minds, around our lives.

Think about it, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep you are subconsciously covering your mind  in this protective layer, this armour. We walk past the millions of homeless people on our way to work, this should provoke immense sympathy shouldn’t it? It doesn’t, our armours protect us from this, they make sure that when we see that man sitting on the roadside with nothing to eat or drink, shivering from the biting cold, and we keep walking. That we look away and distract ourselves with our trivial daily business.

When we walk by these people we are ignoring them, we are ignoring their problems, their feelings and the most horrifying part is that we don’t care. There will always be another excuse that we make ourselves to pass this man or woman. You are late for work, you don’t have any change handy right now. Well it’s coming up to Christmas and we need to make a change. Let’s stop with the excuses, lets stop with the avoid-ism and lets help these people.

We can whine about how little work the government is doing for these homeless people pf the world but our governments are made up of the people. It’s time that the people do something as well. I have a challenger for you. Next time you pass a man or woman on the street but nothing but their thoughts to keep them company, stop. Stop and give them something. This gesture that may mean so little to you means a world to them. This is my appeal to you, the people. Let’s change the world one person at a time.

This Christmas lets break the norm, lets break our panoplys and help those in need.

Another rant about Trump

If I have learnt anything from this election it’s that no one in their right mind should ever run for president of the USA. Why would anyone sane subject themselves to this kind of public abuse? You have people like Donald Trump who obviously enjoy being the centre of attention whether the press is bad or good. In trumps case it was all bad! You could say that any press is good press but when he loses this election and all he has is a permanent history of his malicious, vain and vindictive character I have to say that press is not a good thing.

Trump is out-dated. None of the presidential candidates were exactly young but trumps age wasn’t in his years, it was in his ideas. These theories of class and discrimination weren’t just horrifying but they were old news. We have heard all of this before. Trump isn’t the first loud, angry man to abuse his power and he won’t be the last. Unfortunately history is littered with these bullies, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Trump has a lot in common with these characters, I hope that one thing they won’t have in common is that they gained power and trump should remain a cheating coward for the rest of his miserable days.

Hilary is the lesser of two evils. Unlike trump she doesn’t gain support by shouting nationalistic propaganda everywhere she goes but outlines her policies and explains them in a way that would appeal to any sensible person. Her experience gives her an edge on her running mate so why hasn’t she used it?!? With her years of political work Hilary should have been able to appeal to public opinion easily and she should not have been stuck in a race with someone as juvenile and ignorant as Donald trump! Hilary and her style isn’t for everyone but with a sleazy man like trump, who openly brags about sexually assaulting women and plans to “build a wall” and make another country pay for it, she should have been much further ahead in the polls than we now see her.

Many would criticize my harsh judgement of America’s two potential presidents. I would go on to criticize how they let these two individuals become the potential president of the USA. This election isn’t for everyone. This point is clear since these individuals are voting for trump. Its t times like this that we should really appreciate the people leading our country. Sure not all of them are doing their job great but they have good intentions. They treat us all equally. If you are one of the people currently writing all those angry newspaper articles about our government, just stop and take a minute to think. At least you’re not in America.

The answer to all our questions?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

On this day, the ninth of November 2016, Donald Trump has become president elect of the United States of America. It seems that no amount of reason or ridicule could convince the American nation that this particular man should not be in charge of the largest super power in the world. The people chose. They chose wrong.

This morning as I dragged myself to school I was suddenly jolted awake as the entire world was turned upside down, with one phone call of concede, Donald trump became the most powerful man in the world. My fellow passengers and I were joined in applause of conversation. The reactions were mixed as they always are, there were some outraged murmurs and unfortunately some excited whispering which was quickly silenced when the speakers saw the general consensus of the news, grave disappointment and dread.

The overall opinion of the shocking news was what are we going to do now? To this minute there has been no shocking news, no nuclear bombs and no world was three… yet. We all underestimated him. When he ran for president no one thought he would get so much as a nomination. As we slowly began to see the ominous danger that is Donald trump, it was already too late. The damage was done. He had hooked his claws into the USA and was breeding a support base of uneducated minions that would vote for him without question or logic.

I was reminded by my history teacher that we have a tendency to underestimate the men that turn into the evil dictators and despicable tyrants of the world. Will trump be next? Have we opened the door and allowed a monster to invade us? Will he be a king Kong, destructive and bloodthirsty or is he more of a hulk, a bully on the outside but have good intentions and acts for the good of the people? Only time will tell.

A new chapter has opened in history and this time the world has to be ready for the consequences of letting a megalomaniac have this much power!




Reality Hits

This is the excerpt for your second post.

Finally I have been proven right. Trumps malign intents have been exposed. His duplicitous character has been revealed. His policies have been uncovered as the malleable machinations that they really are. The world has been proven to be a credulous place where animosity thrives in a new schism created by this presidential election. We the people have lost our nous. We no longer contain the common sense not to elect a man known as a sexual predator and denier of human rights simply because we want to “make a change”. Well we have made a change alright. The economy is already failing and he hasn’t even implemented any policies yet.

Foreign embassies are in turmoil. Their loquacious speeches have gotten us nowhere and we are currently floundering in the result of our own idiocy. The Victoriana ideals that embody sexism, racism and borderline fascism have been embedded into the foundation of American society.

In these articles it has occurred to me that not only am I repeating myself but I am also regurgitating the opinions of the press, social media and many other angered organisations around the world. So let’s start on something new. Let’s start on what I think. Not what I hear, not what I see but what I think.

The world has made a grave mistake. Like when brexit occurred I am outraged at the stupidity of the population of a country that shares so many of the same values as my own.